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Tis The Season to Make Things

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I have been busy getting things together for an upcoming craft show.  It’s a church craft show, but it’s not your grandmother’s church craft show…. actually I really like grandma crafts so I don’t even know why I said that but you know what I mean.

I’ll be selling the greeting cards I designed for iSanctuary (where all sales benefit survivors of human trafficking) as well as a few other handmade things like the bookmarks I made pictured below (I have been excited to try to print on fabric as soon as Pinterest told me I could and these bookmarks are the creations that came out of it).

As I was making some more bookmarks earlier today, I was listening to a favorite interview show on Smart Creative Women.  Are you familiar with that site?  I am a bit of a SCW nerd and always feel so inspired and encouraged while listening to the program.  But I felt especially inspired today – if you get a chance, you should look up and listen to or watch the episode on Enchanted Make Overs.  And get ready to have goosebumps for about 38 straight minutes.  (Side note: a couple of other favorite past episodes are with Caroline Simas, Cat Seto, Whitney English, and Knack Studios if you are interested).

I have lots more up my sleeve as far as the upcoming craft show is concerned, but will have to share those images later.  It’s not like I’m trying to be secretive, it’s just that I will probably be tweaking them and perfecting them until the day before.


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