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The Shepherd's Cave

A few years ago we had the blessing of going to Israel (on a tour with The Isaacs which I HIGHLY recommend). At many stops, we were asked if anyone had anything to share with the group like a word, a prayer, a song, etc. My introverted self never dreamed of speaking up...until we went to the Shepherd’s Cave just outside of Bethlehem (pictured here). I felt an overwhelming desire to share a poem I had written about Christmas that I one day hoped to illustrate and turn into a children’s book. There was just something inside of me that wanted to share- both with the group as well as with God. (Even though He already knew what I wrote!) It was a small way to thank Him for what He had done in sending Jesus into the world for us. It was a way to offer my best gift to Him in front of others as a small thank you. I believe the Lord gives each of us creativity and the ability to use it and to hopefully bless others with it.

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