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Make: "Art Party" Party Favors

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I love kids and I love celebrations so naturally, I love kid birthday parties.  When one of my favorite almost-seven-year-olds asked her mom (one of my favorite friends in general) if I could help with her upcoming art themed birthday party, I jumped at the chance.  The party is several weeks away, but we spent some time over the weekend preparing by making some of the party favors for her guests.

We painted these mini canvases and mounted a sweet scripture to them.  Each child will have one waiting for them at their place setting along with the needed art supplies including a take home mason jar with their name artfully written on it filled with paint brushes.

During the party, each artist will get to paint a still life of a cupcake (how very Wayne Thiebaud of us) as well as a few other artsy activities.  I’m excited enough to be merely invited to the party, let alone to help plan it.  I will definitely have to share some pictures in a few weeks.

We found the mini canvases and easels at JoAnne’s*.  Aren’t they the cutest?  We just painted the canvas with acrylic paint.  Once it was dry we added a layer of Mod Podge, adhered the pre-printed and cut wording that we wanted, added another layer of Mod Podge over the entire canvas, and then lastly added some rhinestone touches because every seven year old birthday party calls for an excess of sparkle.

*Don’t forget to use the JoAnne’s app for amazing coupons….in case any “non-craftsy people” are reading this who don’t know already.  😉


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