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Lost and Found

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

When our little dare devil Miss M was just under two years old, she tried climbing up onto our bed and fell and knocked out her front tooth on the side of the wood bed frame.  It was quite traumatic with blood and tears everywhere.

After an emergency trip to the dentist, I realized that SHE was fine but I was not.  My first thoughts (after the major guilt trip I gave myself for not being right there when she fell to protect her) were that I was so sad for her to have her younger years with a premature toothless grin.  A false tooth was highly NOT recommended by both our local dentist and our long time trusted friend who happens to also be a dentist.  It didn’t take long for God to work on my heart and show me that our sweet girl is SO much more than her adorable looks – something I already knew, but did I really know?  It’s the inside that counts and toothless or not, she is STILL precious and priceless and beautiful.  We have had no mean people or rude comments made (which was an initial fear … but even if we did, what do they know?).  In fact, she gets compliments on her bright smile all the time.

Every once in a while, she tells me “I have a missing tooth, but it’s OK because God is going to give me a new one soon.”  (It’s something that my smart mom told her once in passing and apparently has stuck.)

One of the fun things that came from our early tooth fairy visit is that I have discovered a handful of some of the cutest – and I mean CUTEST – tooth fairy pillows on etsy.  There is this one or that one that would be SO cute on her bed.  I also found ones I absolutely love here and there.  In the end, I decided to make a mama made one for each kid which I will have to photograph soon and maybe even share a tutorial for how to make them.  They are just simple little door knob pillows made from scraps of fabric with their names hand embroidered on them.  I always prefer mama made things for my kids but of course there isn’t time to make everything for them so in that case, I love buying things from other mamas as well – and if you are on the hunt,  you can’t go wrong with the above products that I mentioned.  🙂

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