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Lemons, Coffee, Art, and God

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

What started out as kind of a bummer of a morning last Saturday (We got up early and all went to the tide pools but there was no parking so I just dropped everyone off and went to a coffee shop all by my lonesome for an hour and a half), turned out to be just exactly what I needed.  I took the opportunity to catch up on some blogs and a few articles over a latte.  It was FUN.  And inspiring.  And relaxing.

First, I discovered this amazing photographer that was brand new to me – in fact, she is new to many of us because a young art historian only recently discovered her large body of incredible and fascinating work.  Visit the Vivian Maier Artsy page for tons of inspiration.

Then there was that great article about creativity that my sweet husband e-mailed me.  I think every creative person should read it (And aren’t we ALL creative in one way or another? 😉 )

Then I had the chance to click here to read all about using archival materials when creating art which was perfect timing for me since I have been doing more and more mixed media work lately.

Lastly, I finally had the chance to click over there and watch a short online video that I had been meaning to see.  I highly recommend it – it will definitely leave you feeling uplifted and inspired and in awe of our Creator.

So the point of this story is that when life gives you lemons, ignore them and instead fill your cup with a latte, fill your mind with what inspires, and fill your heart with the love of God.


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