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Hope Heals Gospel Project

I am very thankful, honored, and excited to be a part of the Hope Heals Gospel Project.  Hope Heals is an amazing organization and if you haven’t heard of what they are about, you don’t want to miss learning about their story.  I’ve known of it for the last several months and have followed along ever since.  So when they announced the Hope Heals Gospel Project a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to submit something for it.

There are 22 finalists, and you can go online to vote for your top three favorites if you’d like.  I personally loved going to the page and seeing all of the work and reading each artist’s statement.  It’s a diverse grouping that fits beautifully together – like in the same way that singing in harmony does.  Everyone has their different part – their own unique set of talents that compliment each other.

“Let’s make art that starts a conversation instead of giving all the answers. Let’s speak to people in their own language so they may be invited into this beautiful story of hope.”                                  – quote from the Hope Heals Blog


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