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FOUND: A Last Minute Gift Idea: Rubber Band Jewelry Book

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I was so honored and excited when I was asked to mention a new craft book on this blog called Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry.  I don’t have time to do a “proper” review with photos and project making from the book until after the holidays now, but I at least wanted to mention the book for anyone with daughters or relatives who are into the fun craze.  M is a little young at 3, but she LOVES anything artsy and crafty which is why we are planning a “crafternoon” soon (hopefully in February) with a special 8 year old friend to try out and review some of the projects.

I love a good art party.

I will share the official review at that time but like I said I wanted to at least let you know of this book in time for Christmas in case you need a last minute well priced gift.  Just thumbing through it, I can see that the tutorials look easy to follow and the projects are what any creative and crafty girl would LOVE.

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