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Angels and Airbags

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I wasn’t sure if or how I was going to share online about the miracle that happened to three friends and me just one month ago… Friday night, July 18th. We weren’t ready for a miracle but a miracle was ready for us.   We were just four moms driving home from a night out of celebrating our good friend’s birthday when who we assume was a drunk driver crashed into us, totaling our vehicle which then crashed into a guardrail protecting us from going over a ledge, and then fled the scene, leaving us stranded in the dark at a blind curve, not knowing if we were injured or had even survived.  After processing the magnitude of what happened, I was inspired early one morning to write the following words.  And now I feel inspired to share them… Angels and Airbags We may never know your name, we maybe never can. But we will always remember the night you almost took the lives of us moms riding in a minivan. You didn’t have the right that night to get behind the wheel. You think of us as faceless beings,  but to our loved ones we are very real. It was a two lane road, with a long dark ledge. You may have totaled our van,  but we were protected with an invisible hedge. We went spinning and spinning, crashing into the guard rail wall, We were bracing ourselves for the inevitable fall. But the fall never came, We ended up stopped on a dime in the dark in the other lane. We walked to the safety of the roadside to get out of the way. Miraculously, none of us had even a hair that was stray. I have tears of thankfulness to God for saving us that night. He used angels and airbags and gave us a calm that was stronger than our fright. I also have tears of sadness for whoever hit us and ran. I pray for justice and redemption and peace in their life  from the one and only God who can. It’s true that we may never know the name of the person who almost took our lives, But we will always know it was the Lord our God who saved our children’s mothers and our husband’s wives.

I wanted to include a photo of the one piece of evidence I have from the crash, but it was so small that I lost it and never had a chance to photograph it.   Even though my door was smashed in and the glass in my window was completely shattered and gone, only a tiny piece of glass (about the size and feel of a one carrot diamond) was found tucked into my jeans about a half hour later.   Since we moved to this area just over two years ago, I have heard of far too many accidents that ended in tragedy.  I have known of bus, plane, boat, car, and motorcycle accidents – all ending in death or life altering injury. All from our little community.  My heart breaks over those stories.  I’ll never know why some lives are spared and why some lives are not.   I just know that God is always watching over us (and not only from a distance like Bette says, but in our midst and up close). He is the God who sees and the God who cares.  He knows our birthdate and the day we will breath our last breath.   He loves us and He wants us to know and love Him, too.  I may not ever have understanding in this life as to why seemingly random bad or good things happen, but I know that I’m not to lean on my own understanding, but rather I’m to trust in The Lord with all my heart.  (Prov 3:5) I’m not meaning to preach a sermon, but I wanted to share our story, because I think when a miracle happens, it ought to be shared.  I also think it’s wise to take inventory on our lives from time to time.  I just experienced a not so subtle reminder of the fragility of life.  I hope our story can inspire you (and me too!) to learn more and more about the Author and Creator of our very lives through His Word that He has graciously given to us.  (2 Timothy 3:16)  It’s never too late to seek The Lord with all your heart…it’s never too late, until it is.  Don’t wait for a wake up call if you don’t have to. Sorry for all the preaching – not really. 😉 It’s just that life is far too short to leave such important things unsaid. “Teach us to number our days,  that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”                                                         -Psalm 90:12

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