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A Vintage Photo-shoot in Mama’s Old Clothes

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Both my mom and mother-in-law have saved great things from our childhoods to pass on to their grandchildren. It’s such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do and I hope to be just as organized in order to do the same for our own future grandchildren someday. These are some adorable 1970’s outfits that my mom has kept for all these years. We had THE best time together last summer dressing M up in them and doing our own little impromptu photo-shoot at my parent’s house one day. These pictures are from last year and she has already (sadly) outgrown the clothes so that means that another round of vintage clothing will fit her soon and another homemade photo-shoot will have to happen. I will be sure to share those pictures when the time comes. By the way, people say we kind of look alike.

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