I'm Tori Higa and I am a Southern California based artist who grew up in a sports family and ended up marrying into one as well. Yet, somehow I have a completely irrational fear of the ball and not a competitive bone in my body. My husband says that I am the most uncompetitive person that he knows, but my dad begs to differ because he had a mom who before all of his basketball games would always say, "Well, I hope you lose tonight.  I just feel so sorry for all the boys on the other team."  

Even though my volleyball coach husband and basketball coach dad could never successfully teach me to play sports (not even if my life depended on it), I still try to apply wisdom to my art career from both of their examples on and off the court like thinking outside the box, discipline, character, integrity, perspective, hard work, being a good teammate, and doing something you love.

Official Bio

Tori Higa has considered herself to be an artist for as long as she can remember.  She has known since high school that she wanted to be a wife and mother with a creative career from home.  She holds a degree in art from Pepperdine University and has done everything from creating carpet patterns to illustrating greeting cards to creating art for the wall art industry.  Her work has been sold in Anthropologie, Homegoods, and T.J. Maxx Online.  Some of her greeting card designs were even featured on the O List of Oprah Magazine.  She has recently started to pair her art with words she has written for kids.  It has been a dream come true to be able write and illustrate children’s picture books and help point kids to Christ.  The Christmas Color is her debut children’s picture book (published by Little Lamb Books and due to be released in October 2020) and she couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.  Tori currently lives in Southern California with her husband of nineteen years, Branden, two kids, Kai (12) and Maile (9), and a playful puppy named Edie.

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What I Believe

I believe in taking time to smell the roses.
I believe that art is important.
I believe in taking my business seriously, but never taking myself too seriously.
I believe that the glass is half full.
I believe that the small things in life are actually the big things.
I believe that inspiration is all around.

I believe in vintage fabric - vintage anything really.
I believe in finding the silver lining.
I believe in trying to use my gifts, talents, resources, and words wisely.
I believe in the golden rule.
I believe in striving to lead a simple life in a culture that tells us to do the opposite.
I believe that only Lynda Carter got to be Wonder Woman, so I don't even try to do it all.
I believe that honesty is the only policy.
I believe in making our home a happy, safe, and inspiring place for our family and friends.
I believe in snail mail.
I believe in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
I believe in daydreams...which makes me a daydream believer.
I believe in counting my blessings.
I believe in underdogs.
I believe that we all lead by example; it's either a good one or a bad one.
I believe in putting myself in the other person's shoes.
I believe in helping others when I can.
I believe in fresh starts, new beginnings, second chances, and comebacks.
I believe in God and am humbled that the God of the Universe, Maker of all things, believes in me, too.
I believe that whoever said that the Bible is like God's love letter to humanity is right (a historically accurate, prophetic, profound, poetic, living, loving, never changing, blue print for life sort of love letter)
I believe that life is short and hard, but beautiful.
I believe that every life matters and that everyone has a purpose.
John 3:16*

*the most important thing that I believe 

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